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Community Grant Giving, the Northern Rivers Community Foundation

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

On the last day of February 2022, we witnessed something that had never happened in living memory, something that wrecked absolute havoc on our community. Many of us had no choice but to swing into action and help those whose lives had been totally smashed by a deluge the likes of which no one had ever experienced.

We cooked meals, we donated our time, we gave out cups of tea, we opened our homes, we provided shelter for people who had lost everything overnight. I worked in the coffee cart at the Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre and it was amazing to see the impact that a cup of tea or even a smile had on people during that incredibly tough time.

The government eventually stepped in to help but it was the community that was there on the ground from the get go. At their annual grant giving event, the Northern Rivers Community Foundation honoured those grassroots groups and provided them with funds from generous donors – no strings attached – to continue their good work into the future.

M.C'ing the Northern Rivers Community Grant Giving event  in 2022
M.C'ing the Northern Rivers Community Grant Giving event

I was delighted to be the Mistress of Ceremony for the evening, nestled in a community of people who care so deeply about one another. And if that crazy old year shoed us anything, it’s just how big the region’s collective heart is.

It was particularly inspiring to hear from NRCF’s Patron, John Callanan, who said that the organisation gave over a million dollars in grants to 49 recipients that year. He also mentioned that it has clocked up $5 million since its inception. It’s amazing what local change-makers can do!


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