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Vivid Ideas Queer Sydney

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Everything from the history of disco to the evolution of queer culture was explored at Powerhouse Late X Vivid Ideas Queer Sydney 2022. I was Mistress at the pointy end of the night, introducing the seminar and lecture series.

One of the topics was Sydney’s internationally acclaimed response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Another was the idea of the journey, 'From Camp to Gay to Queer — a Continuum or a Disconnection?

The Dollar Bin Darlings presented a fabulous interactive session called Disco Conversion Therapy which traced origins of disco and got us all dancing.

Sylvia and the Synthethics

I’ve always loved a boogie. As a teen babe, I rebelled against the domestic situation at home by hitting the local clubs. Archies up the Junction, the Regis Room in Bondi, Arthur’s in the Cross - all with their illuminated flashing dance floors and those all time hits on high rotation. It was just the thing to shake off the blues. And Aunty Jonny on the decks at the Powerhouse that night brought back those old memories.

During the formalities, I had the great pleasure of introducing my long time friend Gill Minervini who brings her queer eye to Vivid as Festival Director. She was at the helm of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for many years and said that her new gig with Vivid made her job at Mardi Gras look like her 18th birthday party!

There were 830 people at the event, making it by far the most successful of the Late Nights at the Powerhouse to date.

The evening was curated by Johnny Allen who produced the first Aquarius Festival in Nimbin, a culture shock of an event that celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023. That same spirit of freedom and possibility was on display that memorable Vivid night celebrating all that was Queer Sydney.

Afterward Johnny wrote to me saying; “Your presence added both gravity and warmth to the Theatre presentations''. Aw Shucks, Johnny. And hey, well done you for pulling together such a spectacular event.


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