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Guarding the Galilee, the Fight to Stop Adani

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The poster for Guarding the Galilee
The poster for Guarding the Galilee

Once we used whale blubber. Now we use coal. But just like that old boiled down blubber, fossil fuels have had their day. Their social licence is cancelled.

The only problem is they're not going down without a monumental fight. Governments are still in the thrall of those sad little royalty checks and the few jobs the mines generate with their associated votes. And all the while, mega resources like the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland are being chipped away at and sent overseas to be burned.

I was tasked with the mission of revealing the insanity of our quarry vision in a series of half-hour films designed to build the movement against the Indian owned Adani coal mine near the town of Claremont.

For the first, I enlisted my mate Michael Caton, an icon in Australia following his role as Darryl Kerrigan, in the film The Castle. Michael had been a windmill salesman in his youth and knew a thing or two about the Great Artesian Basin which was to be impacted by the mine. The result is Guarding the Galilee

Just today I was interviewed about the film and its sequel A Mighty Force by Professor Christopher Wright from the University of Sydney Business School who has been using the former film as a tool in his climate teachings. What can we learn about the moving image and its power to inspire social change?

He recorded the interview and shared it if you'd like to hear more.


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